Changes to payslips from 6 April ’19

From the start of the new tax year, payslips must show the total number of variable hours a worker has worked, meaning that it will no longer be acceptable to just show a total £ pay figure in some circumstances.

The guidance from ACAS is as follows:

‘From April 2019, a payslip must show the total number of variable hours a worker has worked. This is only required when workers get a different wage depending on the hours they have worked. This might be because they have worked overtime, the number of hours they work changes in each pay period, or the rate they get for working certain hours is different.

The payslip only needs to show the hours that actually vary. For example, if a worker is salaried to work for 20 hours in a pay period but also works 4 hours of overtime, only the additional 4 hours must be recorded.

These hours can be shown as a single total or they can be broken down.’

We suggest employers look at how their current payslip format can be amended to incorporate the extra data and stay within the new legal requirements.

If we can be of assistance with this, or any other aspect of payroll, please do get in touch.  We offer a cloud based payroll solution which incorporates a secure, self-service employee portal, ensuring GDPR compliance.









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